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If you need to lodge a Development Application Objection, now is the time to get moving.

In as little as Two Weeks to One Month, a Development Application can be approved in Australia, with virtually no appeal rights.

If you are reading this, you have probably received notice of a Development Application that affects you – either a letter addressed to you or an advertisement in a newspaper about a proposed development.
These are your choices:
Do nothing OR
Lodge an Objection to the Development Application within the stated time frame.

Let’s Be Clear on This:


But, if you and your neighbours do nothing to object, there is every likelihood that the Development will proceed without modification.

If you truly want to protect your home and lifestyle from intrusive property developments, you will need to lodge an objection – IN WRITING.

I know that the process of lodging an objection can be daunting.
I know that the Development Assessment process favours developers.
I know that there is virtually no guidance on how to prepare an objection.
I know that the Council offers only limited assistance.
And, I know that it can consume huge amounts of time.


Whether you are in favour of a Development or opposed to a Development, one thing is certain. Your lifestyle will either be better or worse than it was before the Development – it will not stay the same.


Think about a Development Application in these terms:
Imagine what your community would be like if the Development is approved.
Imagine how your life will change as a result of the Development.
Imagine what the impact that the Development will have on property prices.

Will there be:
More traffic?
More parking problems?
More noise?
More overshadowing?
Less Privacy?
Less Peace and Quiet?
Less Community?

If you trust your Council to look after your best interests,
If there is no history of inappropriate Developments approved by your Council, and
If your Council genuinely cares about the character of your area,
then you have no reason to buy this book. Your interest are protected – as best they can be.

However, if you have any doubts about your Council and their Development Assessment process, you should lodge an objection. This book will help you to prepare a Development Application Objection, step-by-step, within the Council time limit.

The Quick Start Guide will ensure that you can download a comprehensive written objection as the bare minimum for lodgement before the Council deadline. Every copy of Development Application Objections includes access to the Members Area of this website to download the Quick Start objection.

I’m not going to ask you to give up your morning coffee to buy the book. Those coffees are important! Well, they are to me. But, this is the reality: Is it worth spending time or money to try to protect your home, your lifestyle or the value of your property?

If your answer is no, then there is absolutely no point in you buying the ebook. But, if you think that it is worth having a go at protecting things of value to you, then perhaps $25 for an ebook is a reasonable proposition.

Look at it in these terms. How much would it cost to engage a consultant planner to prepare an objection for you? Probably more than $25. And, even if you engage a consultant planner, $25 for an ebook may be an excellent way to identify issues that you will be talking to the consultant planner about. I can tell you one thing: $25 for an ebook will be a fraction of a consultant planner’s fee to prepare a Development Application Objection.

Plus, if a proposed Development is likely to slash the value of your home, the loss in value will be thousands of dollars. $25 is a small amount in comparison to the potential loss of value in your home if a Development proceeds.

Whichever way you go on the Development Application Objection – whether you do it yourself or through consultants – it is up to you to decide whether Development Application Objections will be of assistance to you.